⚡️Cool, cute & quirky gifts! Uniquely handcrafted & curated with a whole lotta love.⚡️

Hey cool cat!

Are you on a mission to rock someone’s socks (or your own!) with some rad treats!?

YAS?!! Well you have come to the right place baby!

Everything in this fun lil shop is joyfully designed, handcrafted with LOVE, and thoughtfully curated to genuinely light up someone’s day.

Let’s pop some confetti and do this!

Why we are your kind of cuppa tea...

Oh, What Fun!™️ is a gifts & event styling destination for cool, cute and quirky individuals. 

Our items are specifically made for anyone who loves FUN! We’re talking about pops of colour, rad style, plenty of sparkle and joyful creative flair. 

We also are committed to reducing waste in the gift-giving and events industries. 

We do this through “mindful making” - thoughtfully creating items that are designed to last beyond a single use.

It’s our delight to also curate a range of affordable ‘sweet treats and pamper items’ that will be devoured and enjoyed!

We refrain from labelling and name personalisation on our gift boxes, so that those rad beauties can have a second lease of life!

Basically, our heart is about encouraging joyful, sustainable, affordable gift giving. 

Our Rules of Party!

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We are so excited to be a part of your special day!



Howdy! It’s nice to meet you.

Shaz Mahoney

Designer and Maker

Hi! I’m Shaz, the fun-loving creator of your one-of-a-kind handcrafted goodies and party jewels!

My goal is to provide you with fun and colourful gift & styling options for your razzle dazzle celebrations! Everything brimming with joy and personality to boot!

I love to source the best cool, sparkly and unique materials & products  - with a focus on supporting local businesses as much as possible. 

Thank you for the honour of being a part of your special event. 

Wishing you fun and joy always xx